BID - Business Innovation Design

March 17, 2016





   17th of March 2016, Orakarn Sayatanan, para founder, was selected to join this programme to gain and develop a business idea for sustainable business plan. 


     Business Innovation Design is an multidisciplinary framework that guides companies how to innovate and grow like playing LEGO.


     Business Innovation Design is created using 24 blocks of methods that comes from a variety of disciplines including design thinking, innovation management, strategic branding, lean startup, strategic foresight, business model design, and business development. Some disciplines possess similar methods in parts of their process. The overlapping methods are identified, isolated, and reconfigured into its necessity of 24 blocks. Conceived in a holistic model, BID visualizes a wide vision in understanding the business on how values are created and orchestrated. In essence, BID merges design thinking, business thinking, and futures thinking into a model that drives the methodology of design-led innovation and business growth.


     for more information about the programme, please visit

credit: Thanks to Business Innovation Design for the amazing photos.

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