September 29, 2017


PARA in a Talent Thai Booklet.
Now, you can see our vision within one page!


Thank you Talent Thai & Designers' Room for your warm support and we also give a credit to BOXSHOT studio and coOKiesdYNAmo* for the stunning photo with beautiful.




Talent Thai

Talent Thai  Project was first launched in 2004 by the Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation, Department of International Tradepromotion, Ministry of Commerce. 

As an initiative to introduce and elevate new generation of lifestyle product designers at international level. The event aims at providing opportunities for these talented designer's work as well as paving the way for Thailand's lifestyle product innovation and design segments from furniture, home decorative items, jewelry to gifts. This will enable the reputation and quality of the country's lifestyle industry at the overall and international levels in which former participants of Talent Thai are regarded by these younger designers as their role models. By adding value to the products through exceptional design and unique concept, the works, along with the image of the country as the hub of creativity are promoted globally.




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