TV Show 'Sa-Mo-Ra-Poom Idea'

June 25, 2017



PARA will be on Sa-Mo-Ro-Poom Idea, Tv Show which the competition about Product Design Invention with the new project of the TV Show that in association with The National Science Museum, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand (NSM). 


Through the governmental initiative to stimulate economic growth through innovation (“Thailand 4.0”) including strategies such as implementation of creative and new technological solutions. Additionally, the initiative emphasizes the encouragement of young inventors and the support new talent because the development of valuable human resources is an ultimate goal in pushing Thailand forward.Sa-Mo-Ro-Poom Idea television show, in collaboration with the National Science Museum, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand (NSM) has put together an episode with the theme of “household inventions”, that is products may can contain the re-use of existing products, can be a new invention and is able to be used by any age or gender in multiple areas of the house.


‘Para’ is honoured to have been showcased in the television programme as a plan round contestant. We would like to give thanks to the producers of Sa-Mo-Ro-Poom Idea show for giving us the amazing opportunity and increase exposure of our brand.





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