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June 20, 2017


Brand Think has reviewed about PARA on Facebook at 20th June, 2017


‘BrandThink’ is a new ‘Biz-Entertaining Platform’. It is a free creative virtual platform (a cloud) whereby people can engage in exchange of business concepts, ideas or co-create content. There is an emphasis on visual content such as video clips or novel presentation of articles on brand design and novel marketing strategies.


Members are able to create their own Online Personal Space to organize and save interesting content which they can comment on or later share with other users on the platform. This type of engagement facilitates the kind of real-world benefits, notably, the networking that could help grow a business.  


‘BrandThink’ is the result of cooperation from a multitude of organizations from varied fields. This level of cross-disciplinary collaboration fosters a condition ripe for social change and push for novel processes in the running of business, fulfilling the goal of the project. These kinds of changes will propel Thailand into a sustainable future.





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