Degree Show 2013

December 13, 2013


     The first Idea of para originally came from the founder design since she was in the university. As the thesis project, para was selected by Degree Show commitee to be a part in semi-final round in the year of 2013.   


     Degree Show is an exhibitions showcasing students’ final degree projects across various fields of design from Universities up and down the country are held, it has never been an easy task to collate, select and gather the most promising works together into one show. Degree Shows offers a space for young designers to display their works as well as provides a snapshot of the country’s design talents and their development, before they pass through the threshold of university education and embark upon their careers. What is equally interesting is that throughout the years, stimulating conversations spanning across varying design disciplines and occurring between designers of different eras have also been given voice.


     The first Degree Shows event came into being alongside the Bangkok Design Festival in 2007 and featured some 521 projects. By 2011, that number had shot up to 752. In 2011, a crucial change was effected in which students were given opportunity to present their works in front of a panel of judges, a process for which we have received highly positive feedback.


     What has remained the same throughout the years is the commitment to making the Degree Shows a platform for budding designers to showcase their talents, proclaim their passion and take another step forward toward crafting out a successful career in design; a mission that will not only help to push forward the country’s creative sector but also push the country forward through their creativity.


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